I Heart Faces - “Beach Fun”

This is my first entry in the I Heart Faces weekly challenge. I came across the website from a photographers blog that I follow. She is so inspiring, not just her photography but with life in general and a truly amazing photographer, (Check out Natalie's blog...you will love it!)

The image I am submitting is of my oldest son. We only made it to the beach this summer for one day, he was sooooo excited. Right before we were heading home, we took one last walk down to the water and of course he could not help himself....he had to run in. It is not the best photo I've taken, but I hear his laughter when I look at it, he was having FUN!

080310_kids_zoo_beach_summer_7030 copy

see more i heart faces "beach fun" awesomeness here.


  1. Great shot! I love the colors and how he is holding up his shirt! ;)



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