They don’t use paint brushes…

I take photos of my family just about every day and sadly they stay in the land of my hard drive. One of my goals is to start posting more of my personal photos and an even bigger goal of getting back on track with my book printing for my kids…I am only 2 years behind, no big deal!

Below are some images of my kiddos, we paint a lot, but they never use paint brushes…ever. They probably had 15 brushes, which they use for about 10 seconds then they paint their bodies. On this day, they turned it into a slip & slide. You can do nothing but laugh!




Below are images from Marsh Creek.

Jun132010_kids_chickosky_poppop_manidis_wedding_1355 copy


Jun132010_kids_chickosky_poppop_manidis_wedding_1353 copy


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