Adam + Laura - Goggle Works Wedding

When I met Laura I was so excited about her wedding at the Goggle Works in Reading on New Year’s Day. Then I met Adam, and I was even more excited.  Laura and Adam have a great relationship, it was so apparent in the first few minutes how much they loved each other. 
Studio 420 at the Goggle Works looked amazing! 100’s of bulbs were strung from the ceiling and all the details throughout the reception were great. The Ceremony was lovely.  It was the first Quaker ceremony we have been to and it was beautiful, I loved how Adam and Laura’s family and friends were included in the ceremony and hearing all the kind words they had to say was really moving.
Thank you Adam and Laura for including Kevin and I in your special day. 
Enjoy your sneak peek!
xo,                                                                                                                                                            Kelly
Adam Laura_0037
Adam Laura_0022
adam laura_kev_0007

Adam Laura_081
Adam Laura_0096
Adam Laura_0164
Adam Laura_0436
Adam Laura_0828
adam laura_kev_0004
adam laura_kev_0003
Adam Laura_0861
Adam Laura_1032
Adam Laura_1176


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