Should be doing other things…..

I have a whole list of things to do. I was working on that huge list of things to do, until I became horribly side tracked. One thing I am working on is redoing my blog and website.  While looking through photos, I came across a bunch of images of my kids that I have taken the last few weeks. There was a time when I was so good about getting books made for each of my boys….well poor Greyson doesn’t even have his first year of books finished…he turned 3 earlier this month!   I am going to really try to make time once a week to work on organizing my family's  photos and get all these images in books!  I may down grade my old practice of making a book for each kid every couple months and switch to yearly family books.  I have my work cut out for me considering I have to go back to 2008.
What do you do with your family photos? Do you print books, scrapbook, get prints made or do they stay hidden on your hard drive never to be seen?  I am seriously considering breaking out my film camera…I am then forced to get the photos developed and have prints!!
So, thanks to my incredibly easy ability to get side tracked here are some favorite images from the past few weeks…
Blog_Post_2-23-11 Blog_Post_2-23-11-2
Back to being productive! Look for changes to my blog and website coming soon…


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