Ryan - Class of 2011! | Lancaster County, PA High School Senior Photographer

This guy is super special to me, he is my nephew.  Totally making me feel so old… I can’t believe he is graduating!  I met Kevin when Ryan was five, so I’ve watched him grow from a sweet little boy to the handsome, kind, responsible…and still sweet, 18 year old he is today.
Ryan, we are so proud of you.  You have grown into such an amazing young man.  We wish you all the best at Millersville, you are going to do great!  Enjoy your last few weeks being a senior!! 
I’ve been taking pictures of him for 13 years.  He would always run away from me when I had my camera out when he was little…I’m glad he didn’t do that when we took these.  :)xoxo,                                                                                                                                                       Aunt Kelly
 Ryan_03 Ryan_14 Ryan_28  Ryan_36 Ryan_38 Ryan_43 copy

couldn’t resist. ….Outer Banks, a long time ago!


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