365 | Days 16-24

Yikes, I got kind of behind on posting the 365 and I will try not to do that again! Not easy tracking them all down.

I am going from newest to oldest...

Day 24-
 playing in the last of the snow....

being a rebellious 5 year old and taking off his sweatshirt
Day 23-
Mommy - Greyson time while Ryder was at preschool....

Day 22-
Snow!! (iPhone)

Day 21-
I had a whole 24 hours by myself...Kevin was away at Woodward Skate Camp and the kids at my parents. It was really nice but a little too quiet.  Kevin took my camera so these are with a Nikon D300 and a 10 or so year old Sigma lens, it is the only macro we have and I wanted to play with that in the snow.

kids came home and wanted to sled and snowboard
Day 20-
This was part of my day alone, sadly most of it was spent here - working on accounting and quarterly sales tax...yuck! (iPhone)

Day 19-
just playing outside

Day 18-
Struggling for something this day.  The four most worn shoes in our house at this time.

Day 17-
Yucky rainy winter day.  Ryder was having some serious growing pains. Poor kid gets them so bad in his legs. He grew just about 4.5 inches in 14 months, that is a lot of growing!

Day 16-
My lovely friend and her sweet daughters came for a visit.

I took this while...
my kids did this to me.


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