365 | Days 9-13

Day 9 -
The boys got into the flax seeds and were spitting them through straws...I let it go for a little. Clean up time:

Kevin took these next few, I started making changes to my website and pulled the trigger on switching it over too soon and most of Monday the site was down. I was a bit stressed out about it. I very rarely work during the day since I am with the kids, the second I go into my office they suddenly get very needy. So I was trying to fix the website on a laptop in the kitchen throughout the day in between kids, laundry, flax seed shooting, and making dinner.  Fun day!

Day 10-
Playing with the soft box.

thank you, Simba, for not moving unlike your buddy Greyson

Ryder actually set all this up so I could take a picture of him with it. 

Day 11 -
I got to hang out with this handsome little guy.  I was loving his full head of hair.  More on him later.

Day 12 -
First day I actually really forgot that I didn't get my camera out.  This was a failed attempt (quality wise, but the moment is there). Greyson does this thing that he says, "lets be (what ever animal he is into that day/week) lions". I am the mommy lion and he is the baby. Basically, we just lay on the floor or outside and it has to be on a blanket.  This is a blurry self timed photo of us being "lions".

Day 13-
Lunch date with my favorite five year old with s'mores. (iPhone image)


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