365 | Days 31, 32, 33

Greyson turned F.O.U.R.  My baby is getting big.

Day 31 - Greyson's last picture as a three year old.

Day 32 - Now he is FOUR! I think he looks bigger, he said he grew.  He also got a nice scrape on his nose, a birthday gift from big brother.

We went to the Please Touch Museum, had a little picnic and spend the rest of the day at the park. First time he got to wear short sleeves on his birthday, it usually snows! Wacky weather, we will take it though!

impatiently waiting for dad to get home so he can open gifts


end to the perfect day! I love you Greybaby!!! xoxo

 Day 33-  Greyson had his birthday party at school....

....obviously he was not into having his picture taken as you can tell by this look. So, I stopped mainly because my card was full. :)


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