365 Catch UP! Days 40-91

So, the last month or so has been a bit crazy.  I have been keeping up with my 365/366, I just have been sooooo bad at posting it, or anything on my blog for that matter.  Honestly, after a week or so went by, it became something I knew was going to take time and I should have just done it then because letting 49 days go by was way harder than a week! I finally tracked them all down, well except for 1 day...the worst day to lose, Greyson's 4th birthday party.  We have no idea where the card is or if they were accidentally deleted.  I am really hoping they turn up, it makes me really sad thinking we may not have one image from his big day. Hoping that in April I'll get back to updating my blog more often. I am working on a new website as well!

40- kids playing "restaurant"
41- Jadey!
42- This was G's b-day party day :(
43- G in his Optimus helmet creepy voice thing
44- sleepy G grocery shopping
45- Ryder smiling not making a super goofy face!
46- cool clouds
47- field
48- view from my seat on my way to Vegas, the Rockies.
49- after a long travel day finally made it to LV
50- Vegas sunrise
51- St. Pete's
52- visiting Mommom in NJ
53- slightly warm day so G runs around with no shoes outside as superman
54- my new work time...this is AM
55- morning time, waiting for his hot choc
56- brothers
57- baby N newborn shoot
58- still superman (+ "fancy" drink)
59- still. superman.
60- R giving himself a mohawk. this is all him.
61- helicopter museum with R's class
62- still....i washed these a gazillion times in the last few weeks
63- playing a game on the ipod
64- a ride with jadey jade
65- kitchen cabinet mess, repainting.
66- picking out a book to read
67- trying to get this boy to do some chores
68- "helping" with laundry / cute photo of Ry
69- throwing rocks at Kerr park
70- coolness
71- legos
72- finally out of the pj's but still in the cape
73- family night at school, R's class
74- R caught a butterfly
75- G found a four-leaf clover!
76- picked by greyson
77- me and g
78- skateboarding
80-baby goats at Springton
81- jadey was super sick, this was when we brought her home from the vet
82- peeper frogs at Springton
83- morning grumpiness
84- gift from my BF
85- lego creation
86- scariest park apparatus ever!
87- painting
88- greyson warm day wearing a sweater, sword at the park and bright green crocs. he's got style.
89- brother and new sister!
90- while I was finishing this, the boys gathered all these stuffed animals, moved the trampoline to the bottom of the steps and were jumping off the stairs and throwing the animals. The blue streak is R jumping. Can you find Greyson? HA!


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