Finding Inspiration at the Bus Stop

I've had a serious case of the winter blues. It has left me feeling uninspired and far from creative. It usually hits me mid-February after the holiday craziness is over and my Greyson's birthday has passed. It is also the time of year where I pick up my camera the least and when I am in my office I am engrossed in tax preparation. Which obviously is NO fun. As usual, I have a year of business accounting to catch up on so it takes me forever.

Earlier this week we had one of those days that was a little glimpse of Spring, it wasn't dreary, cold or windy. Greyson was getting his shoes on by our front door and beautiful light that was flooding into my home, the kind of light that inspires me - light I feel like we haven't seen in weeks. I ran to get my camera. We were going outside really early to wait for Ryder at the bus stop since it was so nice.

After reading the latest issue of Click, I was reminded how we can always find beauty in our "everyday", something I tend to lose sight of in the winter.  We go to the bus stop everyday and have the same little routine. Next year, Greyson will be on the bus and I'll be waiting there by myself. I want to remember our time together waiting for Ry.   I don't want to forget Greyson putting Jadey outside by himself, G waiting for me at the door, the countless times he runs down the hill and me counting how long it takes him - he tries to get faster, sitting on the hill together, Jadey chewing sticks, G listening for the bus, and looking for Ryder. Then watching Ryder get off the bus and how every time it stings my heart a little to see how big my baby is getting and dreading the day he doesn't run over to hug me.

I am grateful for that sunny day that I got my hands on my camera, the absolute best therapy there is for me. Now, back to my taxes.


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