Me? I am...a photographer, night owl, dog lover, wife, nikon girl, nature lover,  coffee drinker (probably too much), and mother to two crazy, silly little boys.

Photography is something I have always been very passionate about.  As a kid, I enjoyed taking photos of my stuffed animals. I recently found a photo I took of a bunch of my stuffed animals and my poor grandfather sitting with them, I am sure he was thrilled. I loved looking at photographs too, especially my grandparents.  To this day, I can get lost in those old boxes of prints for hours.  Through high school and later I always had a camera with me...documenting whatever and wherever I was going with friends.  I often thought about photography as a career in high school, but I did not think it was a possibility, so I did not pursue it. 

After years of unfulfilling jobs, thankfully, I found myself back to what I "wanted to be" in high school. It is such an amazing feeling to be doing exactly what I always wanted to do.   Thanks to my children and my husband (for buying me a DSLR on my first Mother's Day even though when digital came around I was very intimated by it and really wanted nothing to do with it).... I got my inspiration back and fell in love with photography all over again. My camera has led me to meet amazing people and given me wonderful opportunities.  I am so very thankful everyday.

We are located in Chester County PA, but are willing to travel where ever our cameras lead us!